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The Crane-Yvon Family

This is Us

The business of fine finishes is one part artistry and one part craftsmanship. The skill and care Marie and Jim offer their clients is centered on their original maxim; bringing peace to your project is their number one priority. 


Jim met Marie for the first time in class at Westfield State in 1991. They quickly became fast friends, spending the summer on the beaches of Rhode Island and sharing car rides on rainy days. As their school careers wound down Jim and Marie lost touch. Jim went on to train teachers and help elementary students explore the new technologies of VCRs, broadcast cable, and the internet. Marie took her art degree and segwayed from teaching preschoolers to starting a decorative painting business from the back of her car.


On a snowy December night just before Christmas 1997 in a quiet bar on the south side of town Jim and Marie would reconnect under the soft glow of a Rolling Rock sign. Not long after married and settled into a quiet neighborhood in Westfield, MA.


Their lives expanded and became extraordinarily busy. Jim was working full time and Marie’s painting business with partner Gina Bagley was booming. For every bold idea that included either staging, building or base paint work, it was often Jim who had their back. Home was no less busy with two sons and the purchase of a serious fixer-upper.


In 2007 their boldest idea took shape, Jim joined Marie and they reimagined family life and together they created Crane-Yvon Interiors. For the first 10 years they offered full service interior painting, decorative art and interior design services, balancing schedules alongside raising their two young sons. While the Yvon family grew, fortunately so did the opportunities with their business. Cabinet painting was gaining in popularity, Marie often jokes,

”Thanks to Chip and Joanna!” 

New to 2022! C.Y. Cabinet Painters has moved to 6 Coleman Ave Lower, Westfield, MA. Marie and Jim are beyond excited to have their shop just three minutes from home. With less hours on the road and sons launching, time is magically expanding for the first time ever. Plans for the future are percolating!

Stepping into 2023, the story continues with renewed enthusiasm and fresh opportunities. The Yvons are excited to explore new horizons, both in design and the world of cabinet refinishing. Marie's artistic journey is thriving in this year, and her captivating artwork can be explored on her website,


On Coleman Ave, check out Crane Yvon's "Shop Drop" service for DIY friends and local home contractors.

Let's always remember,

"Peace is our gift to each other."

-Elie Wiesel

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