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Wood Panel



We specialize in restoring the beauty of your wood elements with an all-encompassing refinishing process that combines precision staining, artful toning and meticulous repair. Our family business is dedicated to bringing out the full potential of your wood surfaces, whether it's fine furniture, cabinetry, or architectural accents.

let's analyze your finish

Let's first take a closer look at your existing finish. This initial analysis is the foundation for crafting a tailored refinishing plan. Jim and Marie will help guide you through the process, ensuring your cabinets receive the best possible treatment.


restoring the original stain

option 1:

Marie, our accomplished fine artist, excels in precisely matching stain color and patina. Her skillful approach ensures seamless and flawless restoration of wood surfaces.

option 2:

choosing a new tone

Let Marie assist you in choosing from our  array of stain colors, available in both lighter and darker tones.


prepare for a new finish

We clean and degrease to remove any residue, dirt or debris from all surfaces, paying special attention to every crack and crevice. We then meticulously address dents, scratches and worn areas with our proprietary sanding system.

creating a sample

Choosing an inconspicuous area, we apply a sample finish for your approval before we proceed with the complete finishing process. 


Doing so ensures your complete satisfaction with the  custom finish we have crafted for your project.

Designer Comparing Samples

urethane finish 

Our superior, sprayed industrial urethane provides a lasting and irresistibly smooth finish. The perfect refresh for tired surfaces or new wood in need of a durable coating.

"see why" approved

We examine your finish under specialized lighting to ensure perfection. When they meet our exacting standards, we proudly label them, "C.Y. Approved" - a symbol of our dedication to delivering exceptional results for your home.

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it's a wrap!

For secure transportation, we wrap each piece in protective felt, ensuring your cabinets remain in perfect condition during their journey home.

caring for your finishes

With our provided a C.Y. care kit, you'll have everything you need to care for your new finish. 


If you ever any questions about the cleaning or preservation of your finish feel free to reach out. 


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