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Our master plan For


Our Personal Approach To Peaceful Cabinet Refinishing 

Every project needs a master plan and our personalized approach is seamlessly designed to include: progressive scheduling, design consultation, hardware suggestions and contractor connectivity right alongside the refinishing process. 

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request your estimate

Our first step is to learn about your project. We'll ask you to provide photos of your kitchen so that we can understand the layout, scope, and unique features of your cabinetry.

We'll also ask how this project fits into any more extensive renovations that you are planning so we can adjust our timing and estimates accordingly. Once you submit your request, we'll send you an estimate within 24-48 hours.


When you're ready to get started, click the link below to begin your virtual estimate. Please feel free to reach out with an emailcall or text as well. 

Working from Home

detail & design meeting

Once you approve our initial estimate, we'll schedule a time to meet at your convenience to finalize the details of your refinishing project. Meeting in person, we'll share material samples, color and finish choices, as well as hardware installation options. At the conclusion of our meeting, we'll provide you with a project window of when we expect your project to start. Once scheduled we will continue to check in as needed.

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planning your timeline

To confirm your project window, we'll call you to go over any details that need addressing, organize your preferred pick-up day and in-home scheduled week. 


Pick-up Day: The day we'll arrive to pick up the door and drawer fronts


Installation Week: The week we will be in your house, prepping, painting, and re-installing your cabinets.

Home Desk
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preparing for refinishing

We want to make your kitchen renovation as easy and stress-free as possible. Two to three weeks before your pick-up day, we'll call to reconfirm our dates and  verify color selection. We will email and text our prep worksheet for quick reference. Our cost saving "DIY door and drawer removal" is offered to all homeowners, instructions provided.  

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pick up day

As scheduled, our team will arrive at your house with all the tools necessary to remove the door and drawer fronts and return them to our shop to begin their refinishing journey.

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off to the shop

Once your doors and drawer fronts arrive at our shop, we'll begin the ten step method to refinish them to showroom quality.  During this time, we'll send you regular update videos via email so that you can monitor our progress from the comfort of your home.

cy prep sheet
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time to eat out!


Two to three weeks after we pick up your door and drawer fronts, we'll arrive at your home to begin the onsite portion of your project. On our first day in your home, Jim will take the utmost skill and care in prepping your kitchen and house for the refinishing process. This includes putting up protective plastic sheeting, taping off the areas surrounding your cabinets, and setting up an air exchanger to remove fumes and dust while bringing in fresh, clean air from outside. 


Over the next two to four days, Jim will prime, paint, sand, and refinish your base cabinetry. As soon as the last coat is sprayed, Jim will begin cleaning up the work area and prepping your kitchen for the final leg of its make-over journey.

On the final day of your project, your freshly refinished door and drawer fronts will be returned on site lovingly wrapped in our finest felt cloth. Then carefully installed in your now pristine base cabinetry. 


When we're all done, we'll invite you in to experience your new kitchen for the very first time!

the big reveal

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It's been a long journey, but you've finally arrived at kitchen nirvana. Kick back and relax or get cooking. No matter how you use your kitchen, it will look fantastic for years to come!

 love your new kitchen!

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caring for your cabinets

With our provided a cabinet care kit, you'll have everything you need to care for your new cabinets. Your kit will include cleaning instructions, microfiber cloths, and touch-up paint, should you ever need it.


If you ever any questions about the cleaning or care of your new cabinets feel free to reach out to our cabinet care experts.

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